Personal tv recorder


Where's the fullscreen hotkey?
Muxi runs in fullscreen mode by default. It is designed to run on a real tv in your living room rather that in a small window on your desktop. But if you want to run Muxi in windowed mode you can edit main.h and set "FULLSCREEN 0" instead of "FULLSCREEN 1":
#define FULLSCREEN 0
You probably want to disable the HQ deinterlacer too in windowed mode:
Don't forget to re-compile (make clean && make && make install)

How do i start a recording?
Muxi is always recording - everything you watch. Old recordings are overwritten automatically is disk space is getting low.

Where does muxi put the recording files?
They are located in /tmp by default, or in the directory specified in db.h by
Muxi takes care of checking available disk space once a minute. If diskspace becomes low, the oldest non-protected recordings get deleted automatically.