Personal tv recorder


Remote control

Please configure your remote control according to the remove control installation instructions.
The following keys are supported:
  • OSD: Activate main menu
  • QUIT: Quit main menu
  • OK, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN in menu mode: Navigate through the menu
  • LEFT, RIGHT in non-menu mode: Time shift. Note that Muxi is *always* recording, so you can time shift any time.
  • UP, DOWN in non-menu mode: Volume up and down
  • YELLOW: Refresh playlist / EPG scan
  • RED: Delete (recording or timer)
  • INFO: Toggle information level (e.g. short info, long info, no info)
  • LIST: Toggle recording protection (prevent overwrite of old recordings in case of low disk space)
  • PAUSE: Pause / continue
  • MUTE: Toggle audio mute
  • LIVETV: Jump back to live stream
  • PRINT: Continue playback of recording or movie file (rather than playing from the beginning)
  • PREVIOUS, NEXT: Time shift in big 5-minute steps
  • ZOOM: Toggle aspect ratio. Note that Muxi scales to correct aspect ratio by default.
  • POWER: Power off muxi

Keyboard control

If you prefer a standard keyboard use the following keys:
  • Escape: menu
  • S: Screenshot
  • P: Pause (works with both movie playback and live tv)
  • A: Audio mute
  • I: Information level (toggle status bar / detail information)
  • F11: Change aspect ratio (aspect settings are preserved for each movie file / network).
  • F12: Quit
  • Cursor keys in standard mode: Time shift ff/rew and volume up/down
  • Cursor keys in menu mode: navigation
  • Other keys (e.g. Delete) are displayed on-screen when they become active
  • If you want to run Muxi in fullscreen mode, edit main.h and set "FULLSCREEN 1" instead of "FULLSCREEN 0". Don't forget to re-compile (make clean && make)