Personal tv recorder

Setting up the remote control interface (LIRC)

Setting up LIRC

Please note: LIRC interface changed since release-0-7-0. If you upgrade from an older version you have to perform the following as if you were doing a new installation.

  • Install LIRC. This should be part of any standard Linux distro. If your Linux does not support LIRC check instead.
  • Do *not* activate LIRC. Do *not* start the LIRC daemon. We need just the package to be installed.
  • Check if your distro supports "inputlirc". If yes install it. If not go to Muxi's sub directory "inputlirc" and compile and install inputlirc:
    cd your_path_to/muxi/inputlirc
    make && make install

  • Start inputlirc (you can include this into your startup scripts):
    /usr/local/sbin/inputlirc /dev/input/event*
  • Test your configuration: Start "irw" and press some buttons on your remote control. You should see the key codes.
    That's it! You do *not* need "lircd.conf" or "hardware.conf". You do *not* need to run "irrecord".